The BIB Approach

About me



I grew up in the Upper Great Southern but my love of culture, adventure, street food and an urging wanderlust saw me travel to over 40 countries around the globe over the last 10 years. A high school PE teacher by trade, I have been in and out of education since 2007. I worked in both public and private sectors, rural, remote and CBD, across two states, always chasing a new adventure, a new experience. I had worked casually for an events company whilst I was at university so it was always something that interested me. After meeting my Isaac, the simple life has been a settled change. My tree-change now sees me live on a farm in the Great Southern, wrangling a near 1 year old with BIB, farm life and sport. Isaac and I both love our sport, spending a lot of time at our local club and keeping fit and active. We love heading to our local beach- Bremer Bay, unwinding and spending time on the water. The BIB Approach has enabled me to combine all my loves, of creativity, celebrations, people, furniture and décor, travel and fitness (hey, those lounges are heavy).