The BIB Approach




I had so much fun planning my own wedding in the Spring of 2016, and saw it as such a creative outlet that I decided I wanted to create events for others. I loved the connections made with vendors and sharing photos of my day with them after. I saw how rewarding and special this was. After getting married and moving to the Great Southern, I also saw a gap in the market for the style of furniture and décor I knew would be popular, particularly for those boho, earthy brides like myself! I also understand the costs involved in planning a wedding so wanted to provide a service that is both high-end yet affordable.

BB are my initials, and my husband Isaac is the all-important ‘I’ in the BIB. He’s my support, my inspiration and of course the necessary muscle for transporting all our gear around! I love what I do, creating personalized events that are stylish and unique but ultimately at their heart, are a celebration of you, your love, your people, your vibe! The ‘Approach’. It was always my hope that the way we approach each and every event and client is what would ultimately set us apart. Relationships are at the heart of it all and it is those bonds and impressions that will stay, long after the furniture is packed away! We want to create sincere, intimate celebrations and keep things exclusive and personal.


Each of our furniture collections has a different name- The Rebecca Range, The Gisele Collection, The Sara Collection, The Tory Range, The Arianna Additions and the Karen Range. This was brought about after working at a prestigious all-girls school in Perth in 2016. I was constantly inspired by the empowered yet compassionate girls at the school and saw it important to look to others for inspiration and to know you are supported in the business decisions you make. Each collection is named after a female entrepreneur that inspires me or a supportive female in my life.